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5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Home Health Aide

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

1. Difficulty With Medications 

With age comes more medications. As the number of medications increases, it can be difficult to keep track of what to take when and what might interact. One of the leading causes of ER visits in elderly patients is medication interaction, so it’s important to take these issues seriously. If your parent is having a hard time keeping track, a home health aide can help keep records and make sure that all medications are taken at the correct time. Home care services can also include checking vital signs and mental state for conditions that require continuous monitoring.

2. Difficulty With Personal Care 

If your parent is having difficulty with daily personal grooming and care, or needs help getting in and out of a wheelchair, home care might be a good option. Cleanliness is important for health and healing, as well as general well being. This help may include bathing, grooming, and dressing.

 3. Difficulty Standing For Long Periods of Time 

The inability to stand for long periods of time can make many aspects of home life more difficult. It can be hard to do basic chores like sweeping, vacuuming, or cooking. Home elder care will help with everyday chores and housekeeping. They will also help plan and cook nutritious meals, follow dietary guidelines, and keep track of intake if it is necessary for medical care. This can take a significant burden off of parents who have difficulty walking or standing.

 4. A Desire to Retain Independence 

Assisted living at home is a good alternative to nursing homes or full-time care. It allows the parent to stay in his or her own home and maintain a usual routine while still providing the medical and domestic attention necessary. If your parent doesn’t want to lose independence, but still could use extra help, looking into home health care agencies might be the right choice.

 5. The Family or Parent Feeling Overwhelmed 

Aging and elder care can be stressful for the parent and the family. If the stress is putting a strain on everyday life or family relations, it may be time to find help. Home health care agencies will help educate the parent and the family about care and provide companionship for the parent throughout the day. Home health care can ease the strain and the work load for everyone involved.

Hiring home care is an important decision. While these are some good guidelines, it is important to go case by case and do what is right for your family.

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