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A: There is no standard format for storing information of this kind. Some people keep their personal information in webpages. This can be a blog, an other website or a bunch of files (documents, screenshots, pictures, etc.) hosted on a web server. Personally, I prefer to use a dedicated database for my personal information. The common examples are MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL. What you have there looks like a version of an HTML-format webpage. In general, it's ok to store such things in a web server. The problem here is the size of the file, which will increase as your content grows. I would recommend a database, especially if you store more than a single piece of information. In my opinion, you should not store information about the owner of the personal information. He is a person, and not a person with a specific shape. Therefore, you should not use the owner as identifier, but rather use an email address or something similar. Henry St. Clair Henry St. Clair (born 1690 – November 8, 1743) was a Scottish-born merchant, farmer and political figure in Nova Scotia. He represented Queens County in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly from 1720 to 1723. He was born in Scotland, the son of David St. Clair, and was educated at Glasgow. He was a merchant at Annapolis Royal, later moving to Halifax. St. Clair married Jean O'Donnell. He was named a justice of the peace in 1721. He died in Halifax. References A Directory of the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia, 1758–1958, Public Archives of Nova Scotia (1958) Category:1690 births Category:1743 deaths Category:Nova Scotia pre-Confederation MLAsAbbey of Lusignan Abbey of Lusignan is a former Cistercian abbey in Riom-en-Aubois, Dordogne, Aquitaine, France. The ruins are located about north of Riom, in the department of Périgord, France. History Abbey of Lusignan is one of the oldest French abbeys. Its precise foundation date is unknown. The place seems to have been originally a Cistercian monastery. The narthex at the former abbey is a masterpiece of 12th-century




Lihim Na Karunungan.pdf

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